How It Works

Pooled Energy transforms your pool into a smart pool by automating and optimising the operation of your current pool equipment. Not many people know that pools account for about one third of your household electricity bill. Pooled Energys pool automation system is an intelligent solution for household pools that will reduce your pools energy consumption by as much as 60% and significantly reduce the number and amount of pool chemicals you use.


Over 1,500 pools in operation.

Pooled Energy trial supported by Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

Energy Efficiency Council Award.

The Result of Pooled Energy Automation

Save up to 60% of the electricity your pool uses.

Reduce the number and quantity of pool chemicals you use and the amount required to keep the pool clean and healthy.

Save all that time wasted testing water at the pool shop or money wasted paying someone to do it for you.

Pool water like you have never experienced it before. Crystal clear and feels so much better on the skin and eyes. If you keep the leaves skimmed and filter clear, no more green pools!

Reduce the wear and tear on your pool equipment because it runs more efficiently and generally for shorter periods.

Help stabilise the electricity grid so it can accommodate more renewable energy.

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Find out more about how Pooled Energy transforms pools into smart pools in just a few hours or sign up for a free, no obligation pool inspection to see if your pool qualifies now.

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