Automated Pool Maintenance & Monitoring

Pooled Energy’s fully automated solution, which is enabled by our sensors, Intelligent Pool Controller© and Advanced Water Chemistry, saves valuable time on pool maintenance, as you no longer need to manually test and manage the pool water chemistry.

Pooled Energy automatically:

  • Monitors your pool water.
  • Controls and optimises when and how hard your pool equipment operates.
  • Gives you remote control via your Pooled Energy App, to operate your pool equipment yourself, including the pool heater so you can get that water temperature just right before you swim.
  • Sends you the Advanced Water Chemistry pool chemicals twice a year.
  • Monitors and alerts you when your pool equipment is blocked or faulty.
  • Monitors the overall health of your pool equipment, providing early detection before it affects the pool water.
  • Automatically manages Chlorine via your chlorinator if you have one.
  • Tells you when you need to top up salt, and how much.


Pooled Energy automates and optimises your pool equipment. The Pooled Energy App keeps you informed and alerts you when things need attention.

While Pooled Energy takes control of your pool equipment, the Pooled Energy App gives you a simple dashboard and interactive control that means you can monitor your pool equipment from the comfort of your living room.

By automating water chemistry, you don’t need to take the water to the pool shop, test it yourself or pay a pool guy to do it for you. Our technology will automatically measure everything and react accordingly: saving you heaps of time (and potentially money) on pool maintenance!

Find out today if your pool qualifies today by booking your free pool inspection.

Find out how much pool electricity, time spent on maintenance & chemicals you could save!

We’ll tell you whether your pool qualifies and provide an obligation-free quote and an energy-savings analysis.

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