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Energy Efficient Smart Pool Technology

Pooled Energys pool automation solution plugs-in sensors and an Intelligent Pool Controller© (IPC) to your existing pool equipment, in the process improving your filtration efficiency. The sensors and IPC intelligently use information about electricity demand, electricity prices, solar output, weather, forecast, time of day, time of year and your pool chemistry to control when and how hard your pool equipment runs. By intelligently taking control, Pooled Energy optimises how much electricity your pool uses 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

As a result, you can save up to 60% of the electricity your pool consumes.

Optimising electricity for all

By installing Pooled Energy, you not only reduce your pool’s energy consumption by up to 60%, you will also contribute to evening out the demand on Australia’s electricity grid.
At Pooled Energy we’re big fans of renewable energy but it has presented a challenge for Australia’s ageing energy infrastructure. This old infrastructure was designed to support a steady flow of electricity supplied by coal power stations that produce enormous amounts of carbon emissions. Renewable energies such as wind and solar are more variable – the sun shines when it shines and the wind blows when it blows! This creates peaks and troughs in the energy supplied, but significantly less carbon emissions which is better for everyone and the planet. To even out these peaks and troughs, a number of innovative companies around the world are developing smart technologies that control when devices use power so they create less strain on the grid, especially during peak demand. Pooled Energy is one of those smart technologies.

The big benefit of using smarter technologies that optimise how and when you use electricity is that it improves the overall flexibility and reliability of the electricity grid, making way for more wind and solar power.

Pooled Energy not only helps you reduce your pool’s energy consumption, but you will also help reduce the demand on the grid.

Find out how much pool electricity you can save by contacting Pooled Energy and getting a Free Pool Inspection right now.

Find out how much pool electricity, time spent on maintenance & chemicals you could save!

We’ll tell you whether your pool qualifies and provide an obligation-free quote and an energy-savings analysis.

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