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What You Get

Pooled Energy is a smart pool system that reduces electricity and chemical use  and uses information from the electricity grid to optimise when and how much your pool uses electricity. To do this, Pooled Energy must legally be an authorised retailer in Australias electricity market. What does that mean? As well as sensors, the Intelligent Pool Controller©, the Advanced Water Chemistry and the smartphone app, Pooled Energy becomes your household electricity supplier.

Pooled Energy includes:
  • Sensors and an Intelligent Pool Controller© installed and connected to your current pool equipment.
  • Improves the efficiency of your pool filter pump, filter and chlorinator.
  • Advanced Water Chemistry delivered to your door twice a year.
  • Round the clock automation of your pool equipment, optimised to make the most efficient use of electricity.
  • Automatic notifications about when you need to top up salt or your pool equipment fails.
  • Monitoring and remote control of your pool equipment via the Pooled Energy App.
  • Access to Pooled Energys pool technicians and priority support.
  • Household energy at competitive prices.
What does it cost?

A typical pool automation system costs about $5,000 installed. Pooled Energy delivers a more advanced solution for $498 installation plus $59.95 per month* for 24/7 smart pool monitoring and automation, including the Advanced Water Chemistry automatically delivered to your door!

*When you sign up to Direct Debit. If you decide to pay another way, the monthly pool monitoring and automation cost is $79.95.


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