How much Carbon should I save a year using Pooled Energy?

Energy savings

Independent analysis by Energy Conservation finds that a Pooled Energy swimming pool saves on average:

2.83 MWh / pool / year

Electricity grid emissions intensity

AEMO measures the amount of carbon dioxide generated by the operation of the electricity gridin the National Electricity Market (NEM) which includes the eastern Australian states. Historical data is presented in the chart below. The grid currently operates an an emissions intensity of:

0.8 tonne CO​2​ / MWh

Swimming pool CO2emissions savings

The average Pooled Energy swimming pool saves 2.83 MWh per pool per year, at 0.8 tonne of CO2 per MWh. So the CO2emissions savings of a Pooled Energy swimming pool are:

2.264 tonnes CO2/ pool / year

Swimming pool carbon savings

CO2is 27% by weight carbon. So the carbon savings amount to:

611 kg Carbon / pool / year


If every one of the 1.45 million pool owners in Australia switched to Pooled Energy, we could eliminate a large thermal coal power station and save almost 1 million tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere each year.


Find out how you and your swimming pool can make a huge difference for Australia’s future here.


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