How much energy does the average swimming pool use?

In Sydney, a small house with a small pool of say, 35,000 litres, will typically consume about 8,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy a year in total.  With typical pool equipment sizes, types and operating times, the pool will be about 42% of the total consumption with just the filter and the chlorinator operating.  Adding a pool pressure cleaner and a solar heater will add about 1,100 kWh.

The average house with an average pool of 45,000 litres, will generally consume about 11,000 kWh in total. The pool, with a pressure cleaner and a solar heater, will be using approximately 45%-50% of the total consumption. If they only have a pressure cleaner, then this drops to 40%-45%.

In large houses of 15,000 kWh consumption, pools tend to have more equipment.  With a pressure cleaner and a solar heater, pool energy use is still greater than 35%.  If the pool is heated by a heat pump, depending on the running times, a further 2,000 kWh, would not be unusual.

All pools are different and if you have storage hot water, underfloor heating, large scale air conditioning or an electric vehicle, then these numbers will vary, however, the above is a good indicator and it is clear that the pool is almost always the largest appliance in the house.

What can you do to save both energy and money?

There are four basic options:

  1. Run the pool fewer hours. Not really practical of you want a clean, healthy pool.
  2. Get solar PV panels. Sounds attractive but not as practical as you may think due to the weather and the size of the pool equipment.  You will save energy if you install solar PV but you are likely to pay more for the remainder of your electricity for the pool due to the fact that there are only 109 sunny days a year in Sydney on average.
  3. Get a Home Storage battery. This also sounds good but it is too early for the technology and still very, very expensive.
  4. Contact Pooled Energy who will reduce your total household electricity consumption by up to 30%,while greatly improving the quality of your pool water and lifestyle.

Pooled Energy is a Swimming Pool Services Company that can reduce your total household electricity consumption by up to 30%, while improving the quality and health of the pool water.  Pooled Energy is also a fully licenced electricity retailer dealing only with pool owners.  If you sign up with Pooled Energy for just 1 year, they will automate your pool with sensors, variable speed pumping and automatic chemistry for just $330 as part of a bundle of services.   This will dramatically reduce your total household electricity and pool chemical consumption.

Pooled Energy uses an Advanced Water Chemistry which reduces the need to add chemicals to most pools more than once or twice a year and produces genuinely spectacular, healthier water.  Its automation system is managed via the Internet and instead of running on time-clocks and doing the same thing every day, rain or shine, swimming or not, the Pooled Energy system adapts to circumstances.  It manages the pool for energy use, the cost and price of power, the chemistry of the water, the amount of swimming, the time-of-day and time-of-year, the weather, the forecast and the technical state of the Electricity Grid.  The water quality is monitored every 2 minutes and adjusted as required.  And you can say goodbye to that expensive pool technician if you use one.

The system will also soon use weather forecasts to optimise solar PV panel use, running the pool from the sun on sunny days, and from off-peak power on rainy ones.

The cost for the automation is just $330 instead of the more typical $5,000+ for conventional pool automation and is available as a part of a package of pool services and retail electricity for your whole house.

*Based on a 1.1KW filter pump, 200 Watt chlorinator, Typical Jet-Vac or Polaris pressure cleaner and a 1.7KW solar pump running typical operating hours in Sydney