How much Heating will I get from my solar Pool Heater?

Our general experience is that solar heaters tend to boost pool temperatures by about 2-3°C and they do extend the swimming season, about a month each side of summer.   Of course, this depends on the relative sizes of the pool and solar heater.  The rule-of-thumb is that the surface area of the solar heater should be approximately equal to the surface area of the pool.  If you have a huge heater, you may get substantially larger temperature increases during sunny periods.

Insulation helps a great deal.  If one side of the pool is exposed to the atmosphere, the pool will cool and warm up with air temperature much faster than if its is fully buried in the ground.  Pool covers also help considerably.

It is important to understand that the Pooled Energy system only controls your solar heater operating times …that is, it turns the heater ON and OFF.  There may not be enough solar heat available to reach the desired temperature. The heating derived from the sun depends on the weather, the air temperature, the time-of-day, the size of your solar heater, its orientation and its efficiency.

If you want more reliable temperature management, you will need to purchase a gas or heat-pump, booster heater. These can also be managed by the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller, but please discuss sizing, cost and integration with us.


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