Should my home C-bus connect to Pooled Energy’s system?

In general, there is no reason to connect a C-bus to a Pooled Energy System.

The Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) can be controlled via our Pool App running on a Smartphone or Tablet. It is an automatic system and, with rare exceptions when
you wish to set or override the automatic functions, it requires no intervention. It controls the pool filtration, sweeping, chlorination, gas or electric heating, solar heating, water level and chemical management automatically. It can also control water features such as pumps and fountains and pool lights. All of the connections of the system are internal and not accessible to a C-bus system.

If you wish to control water features such as fountains, or else pool lights, to your C-bus, for your convenience, then please do so.  In this case, those items on the C-bus will not be able to be controlled by the Pooled Energy system.  There can only be one source of control to avoid confusion.  Filtration, chlorination, chemical management and pool sweeping must be controlled by the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller and cannot be controlled by the C-bus.


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