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Hundreds of Swimming Pools shut-down for Earth Hour

March 24th, 2018

Lights went out for Earth Hour on March 24th, but this year, there was an unusual participant. Pooled Energy, which is an Electricity Retailer and Pool Services Company, has shut down hundreds of swimming pools all across Sydney to support Earth Hour. These pools are the equivalent of about 90,000 LED lights and the shutdown was managed without adversely affecting the sanitation level of the pools.

Pooled Energy recently received a $2.5M grant from ARENA (the Australian Renewable Energy Authority) to demonstrate a large scale trial with the Electricity Grid to show how it can help off-load the Grid at peak times and help stabilise the grid vis-à-vis the intermittency or renewable energy sources at other times. It is seeking participants in its trial and participated in EARTH HOUR showing how it could both help reduce energy use and control energy use remotely.

Australia’s 1.4 M pools use as much power as half of Victoria, just for cleaning. This is equivalent to two large power stations. Pooled Energy is aiming to remove the need for one of these power stations by improving the operational efficiency of pools using its automation, while helping stabilise the Grid by managing the remaining power demand of the pools in real time. This includes the ability to speed up, slow down, run or shut-down pools.

From a pool owner point of view, the pool uses up to one-third of the energy of the typical house with pool. Pooled Energy uses automation managed via the Internet, to reduce this to as low as 10%, while reducing chemicals and improving water quality.

For more information contact Pooled Energy on 1300 364 703 or enquire online.


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