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Pool Advice

Eco Pool

In Australia, most electricity is generated by burning coal. At a time of climate crisis this is obviously far from ideal and many people naturally seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. This is of particular importance to swimming pool owners as a pool typically makes up around one-third of a household’s electricity use. The good news is that Pooled Energy’s smart technology typically reduces a pool’s energy consumption by up to 60%, chemicals by over 50% and less polluting transport to deliver them. In addition our pools co-operate at times of peak load and instability in the Grid to reduce the load and stress. Pooled Energy truly offers you an Eco-friendly pool.

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Green Pool

A fair number of the pools we inspect are green when we arrive. The owners have given up on the unending manual task of keeping the water clear. However, thanks to a scientific understanding of what makes your pool go green and a fair bit of practice we’ve perfected our method for fixing a green pool.

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Pool Chlorine

Most drinking water supplies and 99% of the world’s swimming pools use chlorine for sanitisation, while the vast majority of Hot Tubs use the similar but more expensive bromine, due to its resistance to high temperature. Why chlorine for pools? For two major reasons:- it works in seconds while still at low concentration, and it persists reasonably well in the water, penetrating pipes and distant corners of the pool if there is reasonable circulation. However, effective/optimal chlorine use is difficult in pools as it requires precise control of pH and needs to be supported by several other chemical in pool use. Is there a better way?

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Pool Cleaner

Cleaning a pool is a labour of love. However, it’s also a frequently neglected chore with consequences that typically lead to the dreaded green pool. A Pool Cleaner can come in many different forms including human, robot or smart device. However, in this article, we’ll be on the traditional methods for removing algae and debris from a pool’s walls and floors.

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Pool Heater

Heating a pool can consume a great deal of energy and subsequently be very expensive. With pools consuming around one-third of a household’s electricity and heaters adding to this load, it’s worth being as efficient as possible. So how do popular swimming pool heating methods like solar, gas and electric compare?

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Pool Automation

To transform your pool into a smart pool, Pooled Energy installs sensors and our Intelligent Pool Controller© to your existing pool equipment, and converts your pool chemistry to our Advanced Water Chemistry. The sensors and Intelligent Pool Controller© become the brain of your pool equipment, optimising when and how hard it runs based on a range of information gained from your pool, equipment, the weather forecast, and electricity grid conditions. The Advanced Water Chemistry allows your pool to work at its naturally balance pH range, which means significantly less chemicals.

To keep you in control, the Pooled Energy App gives you a personalised dashboard and the ability to remotely control your pool equipment so you can get your pool ready for a comfortable swim. Imagine being able to turn on the pool heater and select the temperature you want from the comfort of your living room or when you.

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