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Eco Pool: How Smart Swimming Pool Management Can Help The Environment

In Australia, most electricity is generated by burning coal. At a time of climate crisis this is obviously far from ideal and many people naturally seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. This is of particular importance to swimming pool owners as a pool typically makes up around one-third of a household’s electricity use. The good news is that Pooled Energy’s smart technology typically reduces a pool’s energy consumption by up to 60%, chemicals by over 50% and less polluting transport to deliver them. In addition our pools co-operate at times of peak load and instability in the Grid to reduce the load and stress. Pooled Energy truly offers you an Eco-friendly pool.

What are Pooled Energy’s environmental aims?

We’ve tried to quantify the eco benefits of Pooled Energy’s long-term targets. We aim…

  • To remove the need for a coal-fired generator using power savings arising from energy efficiency at the pool,
  • To remove the need for a second coal-fired generator by managing energy use during times of peak load in the Electricity Grid,
  • To enable the continued expansion of renewable (solar and wind) energy by providing balancing and stabilisation services to the Electricity Grid. The energy consumption of our eco pools can be remotely varied to accommodate/balance rapid changes in wind and solar generation, without affecting pool water quality.
  • To reduce use of natural gas and hydro-electric water by using networked Pooled Energy eco pools for electricity grid balancing.
  • To improve the health of pool users as a result of reduced infections from inadequately-sanitised pool water.
  • To reduce the manufacture and transport of chemicals such as chlorine and hydrochloric acid.

We believe that one of the most effective things pool owners can do to reduce their energy consumption is to get a Pooled Energy solution. It’s a simple-to-use, high-tech, automation solution that works immediately to reduce a pool’s electricity usage, reduce its chemical consumption and save considerable time on maintenance – leaving you with spectacular quality, comfortable water all year round. It’s the ultimate eco pool!

Here’s how Pooled Energy’s technology helps to transform a swimming pool into an eco pool

The Pooled Energy system reduces the energy consumption of your pool by:

  • Converting your filter pump to true variable speed.
  • Installing sensors to allow accurate control.
  • Using advanced software to run the pool equipment more efficiently.
  • Optimising filtration and chlorination in real time in response to time of day, time of year, water chemistry, use and the weather.
  • For systems with solar PV or thermal panels, the Pooled Energy system can use Weather Bureau information to decide whether solar power or Grid power is better used. This also improves utilisation (and subsequent financial return) of the solar panels.
  • Reducing chemical consumption. Chemicals usually require significant energy to produce and transport. The reduction of chemical consumption for swimming pools can, therefore, be a significant eco benefit as well as a consumer benefit.
  • Reducing operating stress on pool equipment should extend its operating life and reduce replacements.
  • Reducing stress on the Electricity Grid in multiple ways.
  • Being battery ready for home-storage systems. The availability of these systems will improve the effectiveness of renewable energy systems such as solar PV.
  • If you’d like to save electricity, reduce chemical consumption, save a heap of time on pool maintenance find out how Pooled Energy can transform your pool into an eco pool by signing up for a free pool inspection right now.

Find out how much pool electricity, time spent on maintenance & chemicals you could save!

We’ll tell you whether your pool qualifies and provide an obligation-free quote and an energy-savings analysis.

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