How pool automation saves you time, money and electricity with Pooled Energy

The dream of owning a pool all too frequently clashes with the reality of owning one. High power bills, high chemical costs and ongoing maintenance can make pool ownership feel like a chore when you’re not actually using it. Fortunately, Pooled Energy’s technology addresses all of these issues. It keeps your pool clean and comfortable all year round while reducing the energy required to power it by (on average) 60%. The pool automation comprises of three parts.

Our Intelligent Pool Controller© (IPC) is compatible with most pool equipment including pumps, chlorinators, heaters, automatic valves, sweeps and lights.

Intelligent Pool Controller

If you’d like Pooled Energy to take away the hassles of pool ownership by installing its pool automation ecosystem, sign-up for a free pool inspection right now.

Free Pool Inspection

Find out how much electricity, time spent on maintenance & chemicals you could save!

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