Should I have a Pool Sweep?


Leaves should be removed promptly, including from the pool sweep leaf bag. Decaying leaves release phosphates that can lead to algae blooms and then need expensive chemical treatment, including phosphate remover. As well as being sources of water contamination themselves, leaves can also harbour organisms that challenge pool sanitisers.  At least, a large leaf load will be unsightly and increase your chlorination and filtration costs.  At worst, they can cause green pools, algae blooms and costly remedial action.

Pool cleaners/sweeps are a great way of removing leaves!

All automated pool cleaners have limitations as there may be some areas of the pool that are not accessible to the cleaner. These pool areas may also experience poor water circulation, especially steps, corners and swim-outs. While the Pooled Energy system maintains the pool water to a high standard, areas of low circulation can be prone to algal growth and so need to be brushed periodically, generally in summer, to ensure that this does not occur. In some cases a regular brushing with powdered chlorine (simple calcium hypochlorite and not the more complex blends is best) will be required.

The surrounds of pools should be kept clear of leaf matter and debris, and especially from dirt/soil and garden run-off at all time to avoid contamination of the pool.


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