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Pooled Energy achieves its first 1,000 pools and delivers big savings

January 28th, 2019

Pooled Energy achieved its first 1,000 pools under management in January 2019 and is using them to deliver big savings to its customers.  The aggregate energy consumption reductions delivered by Pooled Energy at these 1,000 pools, is enough to power ~400 average Australian dwellings.

In addition, the control capabilities of those pools allowed Pooled Energy to remove the equivalent of the electricity demand of another 250 average dwellings during peak Grid demand.   The need for this was demonstrated in January 2019, when high peak demand resulted in rolling black-outs in Victoria. This was a dramatic illustration as to why Australia desperately needs Demand Management capabilities such as provided by Pooled Energy. There is nothing more energy efficient or better for the environment than using less energy and managing energy demand optimally.

Our vision is to permanently remove one coal fired power station from the Australian Grid using Energy Reduction and the elimination of rolling blackouts & the temporary shut down of industrial facilities using Energy Demand Management…and save pool owners a substantial amount of their energy use, 50% of their chemical use, largely eliminate the need for technical support by replacing it with automation, and greatly improve water quality.



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