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Join the Pooled Energy technology trial for swimming pool owners, supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency

With funding received from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), Pooled Energy is conducting a trial for homes with swimming pools which introduces smart energy savings measures and state-of-the-art pool management technology.

ARENA is supporting Pooled Energy’s goal to greatly reduce your pool’s electricity consumption and help stabilise the electricity grid.

Environmental issues dominate our lives now. We all want to contribute to something good – something greater than our home and family.

Can we reduce energy and contribute towards a stable national electricity grid in Australia? Is this achievable as individuals and when we work together? Yes. We can.

The Pooled Energy technology trial received funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Programme.

Read more about why ARENA funded the Pooled Energy technology trial on the ARENA website.

Firstly – as a Pooled Energy customer, we help you reduce your household energy consumption, your pool becomes automatic and looks and feels great 365 days of the year. Via your Pooled Energy App, you can monitor and adjust operations.

Secondly – as the number of pools increases under Pooled Energy management, the trial will manage a ‘pool of pools’ to demonstrate how residential swimming pools can assist in stabilising the electricity grid.

The first 500 Pooled Energy managed pools saved enough energy to power an additional 187 homes.

The trial aims to include 5,000 swimming pools, where the energy saved could power a small town and assist in stabilising the electricity grid. And the benefits for each Pooled Energy customer which make up this group of swimming pools? A huge reduction in energy consumption, pool chemical use, maintenance, and carbon emissions. With Pooled Energy, you not only create energy efficiencies at home, you also contribute to the greater good.

Perfect Pool Savings 365 days/year

Traditional pool automation systems are expensive to buy and often expensive to maintain. If you’ve already done your research, you’ll know that a typical pool automation system costs around $5,000 or more installed.

At Pooled Energy there’s a single one-off installation fee of $498 and a monthly pool automation subscription of $59.95/month (when you sign up to Direct Debit). For a complete understanding of the benefits you receive for the monthly fee, check out our pricing plans here. Note: % savings on total household energy vary with pool, house and other appliances used.

Reduce your pool energy use

And save time

Smart Automation

For all pool functions

A spectacular, healthier pool

365 days/year

Reduce pool chemicals

And maintenance

Find out how Pooled Energy can reduce your energy consumption with a no-obligation, free Pool Inspection.

Simply fill in your details below and we’ll be in touch with you ASAP to answer any questions you might have and start the process.

Find out how much pool electricity, time spent on maintenance & chemicals you could save!

We’ll tell you whether your pool qualifies and provide an obligation-free quote and an energy-savings analysis.

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