Salt and Magnesium Delivery

February 24th, 2021


Pooled Energy Magnesium is a pure form of magnesium and is twice as potent compared to other magnesium products which is a mixture of magnesium and other salts.

    Salt Delivery Service:

    • Standard Delivery Salt: We will deliver 20kg Pool Salt to your side gate/driveway ($13 per 20kg bag)
    • Premium Delivery Salt: We will deliver and add the 20kg Pool Salt to your Pool ($15 per 20kg bag)

    Magnesium Delivery Service:

    • Standard Magnesium Delivery: We will deliver 25kg Magnesium to your Side Gate/Driveway ($50 per bag)
    • Premium Magnesium Delivery: We will add 25 kg Magnesium to your Pool  ($60 per bag)




Have salt and magnesium delivered and added to your pool so you don’t have to waste time on the weekend.

Additional information


SALT 20kg – Standard Delivery to Side Gate/Driveway, SALT 20kg – Premium Delivery and Add to Pool, MAGNESIUM 25kg – Standard Delivery to Side Gate/Driveway, MAGNESIUM 25kg – Premium Delivery and add to Pool


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