Staying safe from online fraud and scams

Your privacy and security are of paramount importance to us

We are truly dedicated to ensuring that your data is protected and your information is secure.  Please see our Customer Privacy Policy for full details.  Unfortunately, there is no way to completely stop scammers from sending you hoax emails, or calling your phone number which they may obtain from various public web sources including your social media profiles.  Typically, this contact will attempt to have you make a payment for unbilled charges.  If you are ever in doubt, call us directly on 1300 364 703 during business hours.  You can also email us anytime at

Recent Pooled Energy security alerts for scams, fraud or phishing

19th March 2020 – Hoax phone caller

We have been made aware of a fraudulent phone caller pretending to be from Pooled Energy, calling from a Private Number, and offering a capped price electricity deal on your quarterly electricity bill if you sign up and pay over the phone today.  The information that the fraudulent caller provided to the call recipient as validation was the recipient’s Address and Phone Number – both of which are generally considered to be within the public domain.  Pooled Energy’s electricity offers are all billed on a per-kWh usage basis and are publicly available here

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Pooled Energy and you are in doubt as to whether or not you’re speaking with an actual Pooled Energy representative, please call us directly on our phone number 1300 364 703 during business hours.  You can also email us anytime at





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