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Sydney swimming pools slugged with up to 53 percent electricity price increases from 3 July 2017

July 10th, 2017

“Major NSW retailers have announced an approximately 20% overall electricity price rise from early July,” explains John Riedl, Chairman of a specialised electricity retailer which operates with pool owners only, automating their pools and reducing their energy and chemical usage.

“This 20% increase is an average of multiple tariffs,” he adds. “In fact, in the Ausgrid distribution area for much of Sydney, off-peak electricity prices have increased dramatically: the average increase for all three large energy retailers is 31.5%.”

This hits swimming pool owners particularly hard.  Most pool owners don’t realise their pool can use up an astonishing 40% or more of their total household energy consumption, just for pool filtering, cleaning and chlorination.

Unless they have solar heating that requires them to run during the daytime, most owners on Time-of-Use metering are sensibly running their pools off-peak, particularly if they’re using a heat pump. These owners face increases of up to 39% on 40% of their usage.  This is in addition to substantial increases on the remainder of their electricity.

“For the 50% of pool owners with a flat (ANYTIME) tariff, the reality is even worse,” says Riedl. ANYTIME electricity is traditionally sold in quantity blocks where rates change with the quantity of energy consumed per day, or per billing interval. “From July, the prices for all blocks have significantly increased, between 26.6% and 52.6%, depending on retailer”

Pooled Energy offers an innovative solution to the rising costs of pool ownership, reducing total household electricity consumption by up to 30%, while improving pool water quality and health. To dramatically reduce total household electricity and pool chemical consumption, the company automates its customers’ pools with sensors, variable speed pumping and automatic chemistry for a low cost.

“We manage our pool automation system via the Internet,” explains Riedl. “Instead of running on time-clocks and doing the same thing every day, rain or shine, swimming or not, the Pooled Energy system continuously adapts.”

Pools are managed for energy use, cost and price of power, water chemistry, amount of swimming, time-of-day and time-of-year, weather and the technical state of the electricity grid. To save even more, the system will soon use weather forecasts to optimise solar PV panel use, running pools from the sun when available, or from off-peak power on rainy days.

Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry solution also produces genuinely spectacular, healthier water by reducing the need to add chemicals more than once or twice a year. Water quality is monitored every 2 minutes and adjusted as required.  And you can say goodbye to that expensive pool technician, if you use one.

“It’s much more affordable than conventional pool automation,” says Riedl. “We’re making a smarter energy-saving solution as part of our customers’ whole house electricity package.”

For more information contact Pooled Energy at 1300 364 703 or info@pooledenergy.com.



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