Test Kits for Advanced Water Chemistry

You do not need any test kits beyond your Pool App.  The pool water is being tested by our sensors every 2 minutes and reported to you on the App.  If the water is not good for swimming, the App will tell you.

Please note that some retail pool conventional chemistry test kits and strips may not correctly read the pool water due to the different chemicals used in Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry (AWC).  Furthermore, these kits recommend target values appropriate to conventional pool chemistry and are not applicable to the Pooled Energy Advanced Water Chemistry, which can operate over a much wider range of conditions.

With Advanced Water Chemistry:

  • The pool operates well at high pH, even up to around pH 9,
  • Combined chlorine may test somewhat higher, but without causing problems
  • The high pH allows operation at lower dissolved calcium levels, improving calcium deposition problems that affect many pools
  • The Intelligent Pool Controller and system algorithms allows operation at very low stabilizer levels

You should not try to adjust your pool chemistry to the targets recommended by conventional test kits!


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