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The new smart tech to maintain your swimming pool

September 28th, 2017

Article written by Inside Out Home Life Publication

There’s a new solution to help keep your swimming pool looking cleaner for longer. Start-up Pooled Energy has launched a new system that enables homeowners to constantly monitor their pools via smartphones.

Pooled Energy’s system (currently available in Sydney, with plans to expand) allows for all the data to be measured and available via smartphone. You can turn the pumps on and off, monitor temperature and pH level, and the pool will automatically distribute all the required chemicals. According to Pooled Energy, the system will dramatically improve a pool’s energy usage, which can be  up to 40 per cent of a households total electricity costs every year. “We often see up to 27 per cent energy reductions in household electricity, and a substantial improvement in water quality,” says Pooled Energy CEO.

To use the new system, you’ll need to switch your power bill over to Pooled Energy, who will install the system for you, and pay an upfront fee and a monthly pool service fee.

But ultimately, it’s about looking after homeowners. “The most pleasing feedback from customers is that they love the service, and the amount of time and hassle saved since the pool is constantly looked after”. Once installed, all you have to do is empty the leaves and do a semi-automated backwash every couple of months.

A hassle-free pool with a mind of its own? Yes please!

For more information contact Pooled Energy on 1300 364 703 or email info@pooledenergy.com


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