Pooled Energy and Home Storage Batteries

Your Pooled Energy system is Battery Ready and is designed to integrate with both Home Storage Systems and Grid Storage Systems.

A Pooled Energy system can integrate with batteries, and also, it effectively can act like a battery.  Please see the
explanation below:-

Home Storage Systems – Pools and Batteries

Pooled Energy endorses the use of home battery storage and a Pooled Energy system makes a big contribution to making batteries more feasible by reducing the amount of energy that needs to be stored. It also manages energy use, increasing the effectiveness of home storage.

In choosing a battery system you need to consider the likely electricity demand of your house, and the appliances in it.  The pool is usually the largest of these, often with an energy consumption of 40% of the total consumption of the house, just for cleaning and sanitation.  For the other appliances, please see the other FAQs.

A Pooled Energy system dramatically reduces the energy consumption of the pool equipment which generally constitutes about 30% of the household energy consumption.  All pools and houses are different and each needs to be specifically addressed. Furthermore, a Pooled Energy system not only reduces the energy consumption (over time), but also manages and reduces the instantaneous power demand which the battery, or the Grid, have to supply. The improved control, demand reduction and flexibility of a Pooled Energy system improves battery performance and reduces the size of battery and inverter you need.

If you are considering home battery storage, please consider the economics.  Current home storage calculations show that battery systems are still some years from being cost-effective for almost all urban  customers.

Major investments in battery technologies are occurring around the world and many companies are working towards improving the situation in the medium term, and, it is our understanding that the economics of battery installations will improve significantly in the next few years.

Installing a Pooled Energy system will reduce your energy consumption, give you a better, automated pool now, and improve the future economics for a battery system for your home.

Pooled Energy as a Battery

A Pooled Energy system has both de-facto and real energy storage capabilities and actually acts like a battery by combining and managing the electrical consumption of multiple pools in an area…hence the name Pooled Energy!

While this may sound a little strange, think of what a home storage battery does.  The battery is typically charged during low-cost off-peak periods from the Grid, or from rooftop solar. The stored energy is then
used during peak tariff periods.  What a battery really does is shift energy usage. In a car, it shifts energy in both time and place.  In a home, it shifts it in time only.  A Pooled Energy system does the same and appears to the Grid like a giant, distributed battery.

Pooled energy also literally stores some energy in your pool in the form of activated chemicals, and can respond to peaks and troughs in Grid demand.  It does this by ramping the energy consumption of pools up and down with the demand on the Grid….easing off or stopping during periods of high demand, and powering up when the Grid is lightly loaded.

Similar functions are being planned for home storage batteries, so that they can assist the Grid and help lower the Grid’s size and cost. To do this will require sophisticated, centralised, computer control of home storage batteries by a central agency or service provider. The central agency will remotely manage home the batteries to:-

· reduce peak demand in the Grid by powering your house during peaks,

· absorb excess energy from the Grid by charging during dips in demand,

· smoothing variations of many different kinds in the Grid by absorbing or discharging energy as

Pooled Energy already does many of these things using its Internet, cloud-based, energy management.

To have a significant effect on the Grid requires a large number of pools (or batteries). With ~1.4 million pools in Australia consuming some 10% of the average consumption of the residential Grid, there is huge potential to assist and lower the cost of the Grid by reducing and managing the energy consumption of these pools.  This is one of the main reasons, Pooled Energy was formed!

When the number of pools managed by Pooled Energy in an (electricity) region rises to a significant level, Pooled Energy’s Central Computer will control them as a group to provide the functions listed above, while maintaining your swimming pool water quality and reducing and your pool equipment’s energy consumption. This is expected to be one of the most advanced and cost effective energy management systems in the world.  The whole community will be contributing to improving the environment and the Grid, while getting better, healthier pools and substantial energy savings!

To the Grid, the grouped pools behave similar to a Grid-based, controlled battery in the way they manage energy.  By operating pools in this way, Pooled Energy will help reduce the quantity of poles, wires, generators and Grid stabilising equipment required, and reduce the overall cost and quantity of electricity used.  This will also make the Grid friendlier to solar and wind by removing some of the intermittency
associated with such renewable energy sources.


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