Variable speed pumps?

It is important to understand that, whereas other manufacturers advertise ‘variable speed’ pumps, these are not truly variable. They are really ‘settable speed’ pumps which do not adapt to the requirements of your pool, minute by minute as does Pooled Energy.

With a ‘settable’ pump, you would normally select the highest speed that the pump might need to run at till you next adjust it….which is typically once a season and often, never.  If a high speed is required for say, 2 hours a day when the pool sweep runs, or for 5 hours when the solar heater runs, then a settable speed pump is set at that speed and is running faster and using more power than it needs for efficient filtration the rest of the time.

It is often impossible to choose an optimum speed that caters for all needs as you have to cater for the highest speed required by other pool equipment.  As a result, many people do not set this type of pump up correctly as speed requirements can vary a lot, especially as the filter gets dirty. So, you can easily have too much or too little pumping with a settable-speed pump. We often see customers who are wasting energy at one extreme, or starving their pool sweeps or heaters of water, at the other. Instead of saving energy and money, such pumps can actually cost more to run when the overall system costs are considered. Pooled Energy’s Intelligent Pool Controller adapts to all these things

Installing a conventional, settable-speed pump into a non-Pooled Energy pool, usually comes at a fairly high price with such pump typically costing about $1,200 to $2,000 to install. While these settable-speed pumps are sometimes better than single speed pumps in conventional, pool systems, they are still holistically inferior to the Pooled Energy system. It is not really appropriate to think of a pump in isolation. It is the system that matters.