What do I do if I find faecal matter in the pool?

Please follow these steps to remove faecal matter from the pool and disinfect the water:-

  • Close the pool to swimmers (include signage).
  • Wear plumber’s disposable gloves.
  • Use a leaf scoop/net or bucket to remove the offending material from the pool.
  • Bag the matter in a plastic garbage bag, seal it and dispose in the garbage bin immediately, or flush down the toilet.
  • Clean/disinfect the item used to remove the material.
  • Clean/disinfect gloves (if reusing).
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.
  • Flush/Backwash and check the filtration system is operating properly.
  • Go to POOL MAINTENANCE on the Pool App.
  • Press START SUPER CHLORINATION, which will operate for 24 hours.
  • Stay out of the water till the Pool App says it is safe to enter the water.

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