What do I do when my pool has been diluted by heavy rain or flooding?

Heavy rain or flooding can cause excess water and flow in your pool, which leads to the pool chemistry becoming heavily diluted. To correct the pool chemistry and ensure the pool stays blue, there are a few steps you need to follow.

  • Clear the leaves and debris from the pool, filter and leaf traps.
  • If required, consider using the excess water to backwash your pool and clear out any build-up of dust and ash from the pool filter.
  • When the rain stops, Pooled Energy will assess individual pool chemistry and send customised instructions via the App regarding chemicals that may be required to correct your pool chemistry.
  • Any pool chemistry that is diluted by excess water and flow will require additional top-up chemicals, regardless of whether you are a Pooled Energy customer or not. To find out more about Advanced Water Chemistry top-ups, click here.

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