What happens if I want to add solar PV panels for my roof?

You may add PV panels, fuel cells, wind generators, or storage batteries, but you should inform us of the proposed installation to ensure your pool equipment is set up to maximise the solar benefit. The sizing of a solar system needs to take account of the requirements of the pool equipment and the benefits available from a Pooled Energy system.

Pooled Energy will reduce both your pool power and energy consumption to levels that are usually much better matched to the output of a typical PV system, with reductions of up to 70%.  Moreover, since the Pooled Energy system, knows the weather and forecast via the Internet, it can use the output of your panels optimally.  For example, on the typical 109 sunny days a year in Sydney, it will use the power from the panels as much as it can.  On the 129 rainy or overcast days, it will use low-cost, off-peak power the previous night, while on the remaining 127 spotty days, it will use a statistical mix.

The Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) use the free, optional Solar Optimisation Service to achieve this.  If the pool operations were set by time-clocks, you would be paying for shoulder and peak electricity from the Grid on the non-sunny days, rather than using free energy from your panels.  You get real value from your panels with this service…and a better pool with the Solar Optimiser Software. You also to tell us if you want to use the free Solar Optimiser.


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