What happens to my existing pool equipment?

If you have a good quality operational system, the equipment will generally remain, largely untouched. We will install and operate a sensor and control layer over the top of  your existing equipment to enable us to deliver all the Pooled Energy benefits.

If your existing equipment is deficient or unsuitable, we will offer to upgrade it at additional, competitive cost. The amount of upgrade depends upon the extent, age and state of your existing pool equipment, but, in all cases, it will result in:

  • a filter (usually with high-tech glass filter media);
  • a true, variable-speed pump
  • an Intelligent Pool Controller
  • a suite of electronic sensors
  • automated chlorination
  • a link via your home WiFi to our central Network Operating Centre and
  • The Pooled Energy Pool App for a Smartphone or Tablet.

Some physical upgrades to your actual pool, its plumbing and its power supply may be necessary in a small number of cases.  If so, these are at extra cost.  Examples include the fitting of safety switches in some older homes, updates to meet electrical and plumbing installation standards, the replacement of missing skimmer weirs, equipment defects or repairing leaky underground pipes at the time of installation.

We then remotely monitor the pool equipment, typically every two minutes via the Internet, to ensure it is performing correctly and to adjust operations in your pool. We also manage operations to extend the service life of the pool and its equipment.

However, please note, that we will remove the Intelligent Pool Controller and its power switches if you wish to no longer use Pooled Energy.


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