What is added to My Pool Equipment with a Pooled Energy System?

Pooled Energy supplies and installs electronic water quality sensors and a poolside automation system known as an Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC).  Your existing pool equipment:- filter pump,
chlorinator, pool sweep, heater, solar sweep, etc.  plug into 3-pin sockets provided with the IPC.
  More details are given below.

Otherwise, nothing changes on your pool other than any necessary rectification of defects we encounter during our installation.  You may wish to take the opportunity (at extra cost) to have our expert staff fix any leaks, defects, plumbing problems or equipment faults at the time.

Your pool equipment then operates automatically but you can monitor and override the system with a Pool App that runs on Apple and Android SmartPhones and Tablets

The IPC communicates to a Central Computer at our Network Operating Centre (NOC) in the Internet ‘Cloud.’  The NOC monitors and helps control your pool with additional information about the cost and price of power in the Electricity Grid, the weather, the forecast, and the technical state of the Grid.  The NOC helps optimise control at the pool using this information and the sensors at your pool.


The sensors are installed in the plumbing of the swimming pool and become the property of the pool owner. The IPC, which is owned, maintained and remotely managed over the Internet by
Pooled Energy, is installed adjacent to the pool equipment.

A typical installed Pooled Energy system will incorporate:

Your filter (preferably with high-tech glass filter media)

a set of electronic sensors we supply

an Intelligent Pool Controller

a single-speed filter pump which the IPC converts to true variable speed

Your automatic chlorinator, generally a salt chlorinator

a data link to the Pooled Energy Network Operating Centre (NOC) via your home WiFi,

The Pooled Energy Pool App for a Smartphone or Tablet

optionally, your pool sweeps, robots, heaters and other devices.

Some physical upgrades to your pool plumbing and electricity power supply may be necessary in a small number of cases.  If so, these are at extra cost.  Examples include the fitting of safety switches in some older homes, updates to meet legally required electrical and plumbing installation standards, the replacement of missing skimmer weirs, equipment defects or repairing existing

The IPC communications system, which is designed to be highly secure, communicates a small amount of data daily to/from the NOC. This communication is usually via the owner’s home wireless network and Internet. If the homeowner does not have this capability, an optional connection via a 3G/4G cellular wireless network from one of the major telecommunications carriers is available to provide as an alternative. The system is designed so that it can control the basic functions at the pool in the event of a temporary loss of internet communications.

A Pool “App” is provided for either an Apple or Android SmartPhone or Tablet computers. This provides the capability to operate equipment manually if required, as well as provides continual information about pool conditions and energy savings. The pool should normally be allowed to operate normally, however, at times, the owner may like to perform additional functions such as vacuuming and operating cleaners or heaters outside normal operating schedules. These are all done via the App.

In detail, the overall Pooled Energy system includes:-

1. Electronicsensors which monitor a range of pool aspects including:

· ORP which is a measure of the sanitationlevel of the water.

· pH (a measure of whether the water is acidic, neutral or alkaline). Most swimming pools operate somewhat alkaline.  

· Water Temperature. 

· Salinity (identifies when long-term chemicals need replenishment, and the quantities thereof). 

· Water flow and performance (helps identify issues such as when skimmers or strainers need cleaning or a back wash is required).


2. The Intelligent Pool Controller which provides local sensing, automation and control, as well as communication to the NOC. 

3. Monitoring, Management and Supervisory Control from our central Network Operating Centre (NOC) computer in the Internet cloud, 

4. Continuously Variable Speed control for your filter pump. This provides energy management, reduced energy consumption, optimised operating speeds and longer equipment life,

5. Management of other pool equipment including the synchronising of items whose operations depend on other components: such as the chlorinator, pool sweeps and pool heaters,

6. A Pool App for monitoring and local operation of pool equipment,

7. Access to the Pooled Energy response/Help Centre,

8. Optional, remotely controlled water filling,

9. Optional, remotely controlled water emptying, 

10. Optional, on-line Solar Optimisation Service for solar PV panels and solar heating.





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