What sort of wiring does your system require?

The Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) connects to main power and then provides labelled sockets into which your pool equipment connects.  Some of these may be remote sockets connected by Wi-Fi, but all plug into a standard 3-pin power point.

For safety reasons, all Mains Power must be protected by Safety Switches, also known as Earth–Leakage or Residual Current Device circuit-breakers.   These are likely to be already installed in any modern home.  Such devices are for your safety and you should have them whether you have a Pooled Energy system or not. 

The amount of mains power required depends on exactly what equipment is connected to your pool, however the following is indicative:

  • The Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller which supplies power to and controls the Filtration pump, chlorinator and optionally a gas heater on that same circuit,– 1 GPO (general purpose outlet) with a 10 amp circuit capacity i.e fed from a 10 amp circuit breaker or fuse,
  •  Sweep pump – 1 GPO (general purpose outlet) with a 10 amp capacity,
  • Water feature -2HP pump- 1 GPO (general purpose outlet) with a 10 amp capacity,
  • Solar pump – 1 GPO (general purpose outlet) with a 10 amp capacity,
  • Heat pump – depends on manufacturer but sometimes these have 3 phase power or at least a 15 Amp dedicated power circuit if single phase

 The general power outlets supplying all of this equipment also need to be suitably rated for weather proofing and the possibility of water ingress.   If required, Pooled Energy can supply a water-resistant power board enclosure at extra cost.

 If multiple additional pump loads (some listed above) are required on your pool, then more than one supply circuit may berequired to safely supply the load. If these pumps are already in place at the time of the installation of the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller, then the multiple circuits should already exist. If additional loads are to be added later, then the additional supply circuits will need to be installed at that time.


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