What to do when you’re social distancing with a pool

April 8th, 2020

You’re stuck at home for the foreseeable future and the great news is that you’re social distancing. Good job! Now, we don’t want to infringe on your “schedule,” but when you have finished arranging your books by colour, we have a few suggestions of things you can do while staying home.

  1. If you didn’t backwash your pool when notified, now is a good time to do so. As most of you know, backwashing is an essential part of pool maintenance and is the process of thoroughly cleaning the swimming pool’s filter by reversing the flow of water to flush out contaminants. Here is our quick guide to take you through the steps – just scroll down to “How do I backwash my pool?”
  2. Being a Pooled Energy customer, we know you have a pool, so now is a chance to make the most of the warmer months before winter. Australian National swimmer and coach, Brenton Ford offers these free YouTube swimming technique classes on his Effortless Swimming Channel. He has some great advice on correcting your freestyle position, better breathing and how to stop your legs from sinking. Take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/user/EffortlessSwimming
  3. If you don’t feel like doing laps then might we suggest The Water Exercise Coach Channel. It is also on YouTube and they have everything from aqua aerobics, to aqua stretch, 20 new ways to jog in the pool and abdominal workouts with water noodles! Just make sure to keep your electrical devices away from the water. https://www.youtube.com/user/ExerciseElements/featured

We hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this trying time. Pooled Energy is still up and running and are following strict COVID-19 protocols, so if you have any concerns please let us know and one of customer service team members will be right over (but standing 1.5m away).


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