Why should I install a smart meter?

Currently there is no cost to Pooled Energy customers for the standard installation of a new smart communications meter.  It is simply an up-to-date meter that can be read wirelessly.  That is, you do not need a physical visit to your home and meter box to have your meter read.

The new technology has several benefits:

  • You do not need a physical visit from a meter reader.  Readings are wireless.
  • Your electricity bills are accurate and based on actual data rather than a cycle of estimates mixed with corrections for actual meter readings, as happens with the older style meters.
  • Smart Communications meters record your usage in (usually) 30 minute intervals and send the data via a communications link to the meter provider on a daily basis.  This allows more detail if you want to analyse your usage.
  • There is near on-line, near real-time monitoring of electricity use using the Pooled Energy Pool App that let’s you see the total household use of the last day, week and month
  • If you have Solar PV panels, the correct Smart Meter will record the energy you export to the Grid.

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