What are the benefits of the Pooled Energy service?

If you have a pool, you should sign up for big improvements in energy use, quality of water and leisure time by avoiding the usual pool chores. You also will no longer need your regular ‘pool guy’ if you have one.  If you are your own pool technician, you will have a lot more free time.

Pooled Energy supplies a bundle of electricity for your whole house, and automation and on-going services for your pool.

Physically, we supply and install electronic water quality sensors and a poolside automation system known as an Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC).  Your existing pool equipment:- filter pump, chlorinator, pool sweep, heater, solar sweep, etc. plug into 3-pin sockets provided with the IPC.  Pooled Energy also tests your water and brings it up to specification for Advanced Water Chemistry.  It then continually manages your pool via the Internet to give you substantially improved water quality, lower energy bills, more leisure time and longer equipment life.

The pool is typically the largest ‘appliance’ in the house, consuming about one-third of the total electricity of the house.  We reduce your pool’s energy consumption significantly.

We also substantially improve water quality and reliability using an Advanced Water Chemistry along with sensor-based automatic control and Advanced Water Chemistry.

Otherwise, nothing changes on your pool other than any necessary rectification of defects we encounter during our installation.  You may wish to take the opportunity (at extra cost) to have our expert staff fix any leaks, defects, plumbing problems or equipment faults at the time.   The pool operation then becomes largely automatic but you can monitor and override the system with a Pool App that runs on Apple and Android SmartPhones and Tablets.

The pool automation system is installed by Pooled Energy after the electricity billing for your home has been transferred to Pooled Energy from your current Retailer. (Note that your current Electricity Distributor, for example Ausgrid or Endeavour, which actually delivers the electricity on the poles and wires remains unchanged).

Your monthly bill will arrive by email and will consist of:-

  • A regular monthly charge for your electricity based on your use,
  • A regular monthly fee for the Pool and Energy Saving Services provided by the Pooled Energy system,
  • Any chemicals and/or other services provided, as mutually agreed.

The overall, regular, monthly invoice is for the bundled service offering – i.e. electricity for whole home and pool, and Pool Automation and Energy Management.

Your pool is likely to use significantly lower amounts of energy and chemicals compared with an average, conventionally-maintained pool (the ‘reference’ pool) and require less maintenance and time.  The amount of savings achieved in any one case, will vary from house to house and pool to pool, and will depend on how you previously ran your pool and the type of electricity meter and tariff you had in the past.