Is the pool water cleaner with Pooled Energy?

The pool water is genuinely cleaner for most Pooled Energy pools and there are some very good reasons.

We use a superior Advanced Water Chemistry together with optimal flow filtration.

The chemistry of the pool and the sanitizer levels are continually monitored (typically every 2 minutes) and optimised by Pooled Energy’s system as appropriate to season, temperature and usage. Algae and biological matter do not grow in water with the correct chemistry as they do in poorly maintained pools, or for pools managed for average conditions, as are most pools.

We filter at much lower pressure which results in finer filtration.  The use of high pressure filtration in most Australian pools tends to shred particulate matter in the water, like Kleenex in the wash.  The small particles then pass through the filter and cloud the water.  They also form nuclei on which algae can grow.

The combination of pump speed control, tightly managed pressure operation and correct chemistry and sanitizer levels ensures that you will obtain cleaner, healthier water in virtually every case.

Swimming in a Pooled Energy pool is genuinely a different experience: cleaner, healthier and more comfortable for you and your family.


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