Your Bills

Pooled Energy will send you monthly bills (electronically by email) for both your Electricity usage and Pool Services.


We bill you monthly based on actual readings of your electricity usage, where available, and estimates in between readings.  

Pooled Energy does not own nor read your meter.  By law, this is done by an authorised Meter Provider and or Meter Reading company.  Estimates are provided to Pooled Energy in accordance with a Regulatory process if there is no direct reading available.

If you have an older-style, manually-read Electricity meter, please be aware that the bills in approximately your first 3-months with Pooled Energy may be higher than you expect, ahead of the first actual meter reading and ‘true-up’. This can happen because your Meter Reader is estimating your present electricity consumption based on your historical usage prior to the energy savings that come with Pooled Energy’s automation of your pool equipment.  This will not happen if you have a Smart Meter that is read remotely, daily.  Pooled Energy customers are advised to upgrade to a Smart Meter as it is much more convenient and accurate.  There is no charge.

 Pool Services

For Pool Services, the bill you get will depend upon the type of contract you have with us. It will typically consist of:-

 1. A monthly fee for the basic service which includes the Automation, Monitoring, Control and Energy Management of your pool and its equipment, access to our Help Desk and use of the Pool App.

2. Fees for any chemicals we have supplied to you, as well as a fee for loading them into the pool, if you have asked us to do so. 

3. Fees for any equipment we have supplied for your pool.

 4. Fees for any other installation, pool cleaning or other services we have supplied to you.



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